Bluetooth® News – January 8

Jan 08

ZOMM Is A Bluetooth Wireless Leash For Your Cell Phone
Just pair the device to your phone’s Bluetooth and when it wanders out of proximity an alarm sounds notifying you of your absent minded ways.

Bluetooth® News – January 4

Jan 04

Now make payments via mobile phones
“What we have is technology which enables anyone to easily create a secure connection between two devices: it can work via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the internet or …

Bluetooth® News – December 9

Dec 09

Broadcom’s Upgraded InConcert(R) Technology Provides Enhanced Bluetooth(R) and Wi-Fi(R) Co-Existence in Netbooks and Notebooks
Broadcom Corporation today announced a new version of its InConcert® wireless technology that enables industry-best co-existence between Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® in netbooks and notebooks.

Bluetooth® News – December 8

Dec 09

Bluetooth SIG Announces Finalists of 5th Annual Best of CES Awards
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today announced the finalists of the 5 th Annual Best of CES 2010 Awards. The 10 finalists, one of which will be …

Airlock: Lock Your Mac with Your iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth
If you leave your computer’s Bluetooth reach with your iPhone or iPod touch, your computer locks itself. As soon as you are back within Bluetooth range it …

Bluetooth® News – December 7

Dec 07

Nearly Two Billion Bluetooth Chipsets to Ship in 2014
Nearly two billion Bluetooth chipsets are forecast to ship in 2014 alone, according to new market data released by ABI Research. …

Bluetooth® News – December 2

Dec 02

iWallet Protects Your Money [$600 Carbon Fiber Wallet Features Bluetooth
The iWallet features a Bluetooth connection that tethers to your mobile phone.

Bluetooth® News – December 1

Dec 01

Hospitals will get heart data via Bluetooth
Trauma doctors in Brevard County will soon be armed with technology that makes life-saving care available to patients before they roll up to the emergency room door.

Nio Bluetooth gadget guardian ships in America
A new antitheft device that uses Bluetooth called Nio is now available in the US for purchase through Amazon.

Robbers get smart with Bluetooth
The Internet is making it “very easy” for syndicates to share stolen bank card information…

Bluetooth® News – November 16

Nov 16

Police bluetooth suspect’s image
Police investigating the murder of a Lincolnshire man will use Bluetooth to send new images of a suspect to mobile phone users.

Bluetooth® News – November 9

Nov 10

How-To: Make a Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator…I thought it would be fun to have a Star Trek: The Original Series Bluetooth communicator for a cell phone.

Bluetooth® News – November 3

Nov 03

Strategy Analytics: Consumers Desire Bluetooth Headsets and Speakerphones from …
“Even though Bose does not currently offer Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones, 45% of US respondents rated Bose as a preferred brand for these products,” …