It’s a Blue-tiful Day!: Shall we dance?

May 11
Tom Allebrandi

Tom Allebrandi

Tom Allebrandi Bio

I’ll let you know up front that I am not a dancer. As a drummer, I have a pretty good sense of rhythm and time. But, when I get on the dance floor… well, a robot doing “the robot” looks more lifelike. So, I’m only guessing about what happens at a formal dance club.
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Bluetooth® News – May 6

May 06

May 6, 2009 – CSR Q1 loss narrows, revenue tops markkt estimates.
Sees sequential increase in Q2 revenue.

May 6, 2009 – Phoenix Technologies(R) Puts the ‘Freeze’ on Unwanted Access
Combining the power of Bluetooth technology with embedded security, Phoenix Freeze(TM) gives laptop and netbook users a proximity-based system for remote control locking and unlocking data access.

Bluetooth® Life – Awesomeness

May 06

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Michael Hatton: Cartoon Guy Extraordinaire –

Bluetooth® News – May 5

May 05

May 4, 2009 – Reviewing the latest Bluetooth® headsets
Best of the latest Bluetooth headsets.