Bluetooth® News – October 30

Oct 30

Apple iPod Bluetooth Headset patent app splits opinion
The patent application shows a device similar in shape to the existing Apple Bluetooth headset…

Bluetooth® News – October 29

Oct 29

CSR Soars On Solid 3Q Sales, New Partnership Deals
Cambridge, England-based CSR, posted revenue of $210 million, up from $206 million a year earlier.

Apple Explains What Its Latest Bluetooth Update Is for
Certain features such as up-down scrolling on the Apple Magic Mouse and brightness controls, volume controls, the Eject key,

Bluetooth group drops ultrawideband, eyes 60 GHz
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has shelved any plans to use the ultrawideband technology it acquired from the WiMedia Alliance…

Bluetooth® News – October 27

Oct 27

Would You Pay $1200 for a Mouse?
A handcrafted Bluetooth laser mouse…

Why Managers Sometimes Look Like Idiots

Oct 26

Mike Hatton

Mike Hatton

I am going to explain why managers sometimes seem like they do not listen to engineers and why this may cause them to look like idiots. I will grant you that some managers are idiots, but while it may look like sometimes they are ignoring your advice, that is not what is actually going on.

I will admit that the evidence of idiocy seems strong. An engineer will say, “I told them that if they made this decision that this bad thing was going to happen. They ignored my advice and did it anyway. Now this bad thing happened, just like I said. Why are they such idiots?” I will explain why that situation can occur and why the manager did the right thing. Read the rest of this entry »

Bluetooth® News – October 23

Oct 23

Broadcom Enables Bluetooth(R) Headsets to Recharge 5 Times as Fast and Provide …
Featuring the industry’s first 65 nanometer (65nm) CMOS headset chips, this new family of Bluetooth solutions leapfrogs the competition by delivering …

Peering Over the Edge – Not a Good Idea

Oct 22

The world is just full of people with bad ideas. You can’t swing a dead cat without whacking some goofball upside their oversized craniums, craniums sloushing over with crummy ideas for a better this or a better that. Now, I am all for making things better. Far be it for me to discourage entrepreneurs from making and marketing a better mousetrap and harvesting the untold millions that would inevitably accompany the mountain of dead or captured mice. Read the rest of this entry »

Bluetooth® News – October 22

Oct 22

Bluetooth that doubles as hearing aid!
City-based Nimesh Bhatt, 32, has modified a bluetooth device to also act as a hearing aid

Bluetooth® News – October 19

Oct 19

New Bluetooth Runs for a Year Off a Watch Battery
There’s little stopping Bluetooth from making its way into more devices, but its battery drain is many times that of, say, tried and true IR. But a new, lower power Bluetooth is coming next year.

2.5 Billion Bluetooth Low Energy Chipsets to Ship in 2014, Says ABI Research
“The technology will be incorporated in the Bluetooth ICs at a relatively minimal additional cost to existing Bluetooth chipset vendors who will deliver the …

Stonestreet One to Present and Exhibit at First International Bluetooth Low …
Stonestreet One, a leading provider of Bluetooth software solutions since 2000, will be an exhibitor and presenter at the First International Bluetooth LowEnergy Technology Conference in Munich, Germany on October 20, 2009

Bluetooth® News – October 16

Oct 16

MindTree Launches Continua, New Bluetooth Health Device Solution on Android …
Chaudhary MindTree Ltd., a provider of IT and Bluetooth intellectual property solutions, has announced its Bluetooth health device solution on …

Bluetooth: motorists losing laptops and satnav in car trick
Motorists who hide their laptops and satnavs in the the boot or glovebox are being hit by thieves using hi-tech bluetooth systems to detect them. …

Bluetooth® News – October 14

Oct 14

New Wi-Fi spec challenges Bluetooth
The new spec could pose a challenge to wireless technologies such Bluetooth.

Bluetooth SIG Opens Nominations for Best of CES Awards
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today opened nominations for its 5th Annual Best of CES 2010 Awards.