Bluetooth® News – November 16

Nov 16

Police bluetooth suspect’s image
Police investigating the murder of a Lincolnshire man will use Bluetooth to send new images of a suspect to mobile phone users.

Bluetooth® News – November 9

Nov 10

How-To: Make a Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator…I thought it would be fun to have a Star Trek: The Original Series Bluetooth communicator for a cell phone.

Bluetooth® News – November 3

Nov 03

Strategy Analytics: Consumers Desire Bluetooth Headsets and Speakerphones from …
“Even though Bose does not currently offer Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones, 45% of US respondents rated Bose as a preferred brand for these products,” …

Bluetooth® News – November 2

Nov 02

Atheros Launches 802.11n Chip for Smartphones
On Monday, Atheros announced its AR6003 chip, an 802.11n/Bluetooth radio designed for smartphones and other portable devices. …

Modified Bluetooth speeds up telemedicine
A telemedicine system based on a modified version of the Bluetooth wireless protocol can transfer patient data, such as medical images from patient to the …

Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth to co-exist
The Wi-Fi Alliance’s new specification that allows devices to make direct Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi connections is unlikely to edge out Bluetooth from the market…