Peering over the edge

Apr 02

My name is Tim Brady, a highly acclaimed Tech Writer whose intellect is matched only by his depth of delusion. I don’t like to flaunt my accolades, but I will have you know that my latest award was for solid penmanship and keeping my work area clean. The fact that this was in the third grade in no way should lessen the immediate impact.

Though I have worked in a number of tech heavy industries and proffer myself as educated and experienced, if truth be told my native technical acumen lies somewhere between the absolute absence of light and the glow given off from a bioluminescent tree slug. Well, I probably understand more about all this “technology” stuff than I care to admit, but I certainly understand less than what I have convinced others that I do (If you read that sentence three times, very slowly, you might get it.).

Anyway, each week, at least until my witness protection cover is blown, I will be adding what little I know to the BTNEWS.INFO discussion, looking at Bluetooth technology from a slightly skewed angle, with my head turned to the side just a bit like a dog listening to opera.

I do hope the blog entertains and enlightens, but in actuality all I really want to do is get my name on that Internet thingee. I hear it’s pretty cool.


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