It’s a Blue-tiful Day!: Goldilocks – Part II

Apr 21
Tom Allebrandi

Tom Allebrandi

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Welcome back! Our story so far compares “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” to the upcoming enhancements to Bluetooth® technology. Goldilocks found that each of the Three Bears had different tastes in food and the beds they liked to sleep in. Trying each one, she only found one bowl of food and one bed to her liking.

With Bluetooth adding two more technologies in the near future, one has to wonder if “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is an indication of things to come.

The answer to this is “No”. In this episode I’d like to look at High Speed Bluetooth in order to show that it too will be “just right”.

Bluetooth is more than just a wireless communications technology; it is a complete system for providing convenient services to users of wireless devices. The best known service is provided by the HandsFree and Headset Profiles. These Profiles provide the ability to turn over the operation of a mobile phone to a personal headset, car radio, or other device so that the phone does not need to be held in the hand during a conversation.

Other services (“Profiles”) provide support for the streaming of music and video from a media player to a headset or display; the transfer of pictures, books, and other data files between various mobile devices; and printing of pictures and other documents without needing to be physically wired to a printer.

These services work well, but when a “file” (picture, book, etc) gets beyond a certain size it can take some time to transfer it between the devices. As many of you may have experienced, the quality of streaming music over the Internet or the screen size of a video that is sent over the Internet is greatly affected by the speed of your connection. The same is true for using these applications over traditional Bluetooth.

As you can see, the services are there, wouldn’t it be nice if they could go faster? Think back to when dial-up was the only way to get to the Internet. Dial-up is ok for a quick check of email, but the way that most of us use the Internet today, broadband access is the only way to go.

Traditional Bluetooth technology– now commonly referred to as BR/EDR by the “bit heads” – is kind of like dial-up. It’s a solid, reliable technology that is perfectly at home in applications like the HandsFree Profile where there is not a lot of data moving around. And, just like you can move large amounts of data over dial-up, you can move large amounts of data over BR/EDR.

But, for heavy duty data moving, you want broadband access to the Internet and you will want the faster data “pipe” that will be provided by High Speed Bluetooth.

Please join us again next time where I’ll take a look at Bluetooth low energy, and why it too will be “just right”.